Having a video on your website is the BEST way to instantly build a valuable connection with people, win more new clients and generate more sales for your MSP

It’s 2022. Having a video on your website is no longer an ‘option’. It’s a MUST

“We’ve just won £80,000 worth of work from three clients. That’s just the first year value.

“For all three of them, the clincher was our video. It showed them we could be trusted.”

Murray Thorpe

Hello. I’m Paul Green. I’m an MSP marketing expert. I’ve worked with hundreds of MSPs to help them grow their businesses and there’s one tool that has stood out to be the most effective.

There’s statistics to prove that this tool:

  • Keeps people on your website for 88% longer
  •  It increases the chances of people making contact by 46%
  • People are 95% more likely to remember what you’re trying to say

This tool, is without doubt, THE BEST way to instantly build a valuable connection with people, win more new clients and generate more sales. What is this tool? It is of course, a video.

Videos are the ULTIMATE marketing strategy for MSPs

In 2022, having a video on your website is no longer an option, it’s a must. And if you haven’t got one yet, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

I want to introduce you to my colleague Darren Wingham – I’ve personally known him for over 20 years and have worked with him for the past decade.

What makes Darren so brilliant? He is a great storyteller first and a video technician second.  You see, most video people are great technicians – but they don’t understand how to tell compelling stories.

Darren has over 30 years experience as a radio presenter and understands how to grab the audience’s attention and lead them on an emotional journey.

When it comes to your video, Darren will tell your story and give you that all important competitive edge.

Darren is a great story teller and that’s why his videos are brilliant. And he’s worked with some of the most exciting MSPs in the UK

Videos are the most powerful marketing tool your MSP can use to help build a genuine connection with potential clients

Whatever sort of video your MSP needs, you’ve got it

79% of internet users would rather watch a video to learn about your services than read your website

Generate the highest ROI from your website by letting MSP Videos create a video for you


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(This includes accommodation. When travelling more than 100 miles, I like to stay close by and wake up feeling fresh and prepared for the day’s shoot ahead)
Scotland and Northern Ireland

Travel charged at cost.

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If you’d like to have a chat with Darren about a potential video for your MSP, you can access his diary below and book a no-obligation call at a time that suits you

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